‘Developing club members’ and ‘developing clubs’
Two themes of the recent Coaching conference in Kinross (3rd /4th  Sept.)
Conference Leader Jane Booth from RCCC led an energetic and thought provoking day of workshop discussions related to curling clubs.

‘Developing Club Members’

Related to opportunities for clubs to hold on and off ice sessions where club members can improve their curling skills and encourage new members to contribute fully to their club.

Many newer curlers are coming into the game via Try Curling and then 2 years in the Virtual Club environment where regular coaching and the opportunity to rotate positions within the rink occur or through the strengthening Junior club sections at Ice Rink where curlers are participating in Skills Awards.   Clubs are being asked to consider their membership with this information in mind and devise how they can implement a programme in their own club calendar.

Provinces, ice rinks and joining together with other clubs/league members to put on development sessions. RCCC Development Officers and local coaches will be happy to help progress ideas people may have.

One idea? Come along with some club members to the RCCC coaching session on 28 September at Dewars.

‘Developing Clubs’

Is an issue which can affect every club that is affiliated to RCCC. Jane talked about looking at your own club in the same way as planning a marketing campaign in the business world. Sport Scotland have produced a tool called ‘Clubs First’.
The link is :

You have to create an account and then look for Clubs First Developemnt Tool

By answering a series of questions about such things as Your vision for your club? What connections do you have? And more! Your answers provide a score and these give a red, amber, green status for the health of your club. Printing off the questionnaire from the website and then discussing it at a club committee meeting may give some food for thought. You may find out answers to the big questions such as ‘Who is the ideal market segment for your club to target?’ It may sound a bit business like but it’s more objective than reminiscing about the olden days. However, Jane pointed out that reading the club history will show that clubs have changed over the years and it’s always worth thinking about evolution which shows that those who adapt and are strong will survive.

If you’d like some more information or a copy of Jane’s slides, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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