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      Skill Awards Challenge - October 2018

       On 20th of October a team from Perth juniors consisting of Harry Gow, Cameron Munro, Chloe McNaughton and Skye McNaughton set of from Perth to represent the juniors in the annual skills award challenge. 

      At nine am the first game commenced against one of the home teams curl Aberdeen 1. Perth come away with a good victory winning 8-1 over the four ends.

      Next was the other home team Curl Aberdeen 2 this game was a bit closer but again Perth come away with a win narrowly winning 5-4.

      Up next was Dumfries and again it was Perth who come away with the third victory of the day winning three of the four ends and final score was 5-1 to Perth juniors.

      The time was now 2.30 and after three victories it was local tayside juniors from Forfar next as Perth started well taking a four on the first end they made it hard work from there again winning with a narrow margin of 5-4. This  sent Perth straight into the final being the only unbeaten team in the competition.

      After a short break and going into the final with the youngest member Skye starting to look tired after the day of efforts and an early rise it was again local juniors form Forfar this time it was Forfar yc2.

      In this game Perth started well with a three Perth controlled the game and finished the game with a 5-1 victory. 

      Provided by Chloe

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